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The Two Faces of Progress - Pearl of Central Luzon [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Pearl Of Central Luzon

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The Two Faces of Progress [Sep. 6th, 2005|10:17 am]
Pearl Of Central Luzon


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Streetchildren, beggars, snatchers-- they plague the people of Balanga City. Don't take it negatively. I am for the poor and the needy but these streetchildren and beggars do it for business. Balangueñas and Balangueños are generous people. We care for the poor and the needy. There is no wide gap between the rich and the poor. The rich goes to church with the poor. Yes, there are clubs for the rich like the Lion's Club and the Soroptimist but these rich people raise funds to help the poor and the needy.

The presence of these streetchildren and beggars annoy me for the fact that Balanga City has institutions for the poor. The Munting Tahanan for the streetchildren and the Bahay Puso for the sick and homeless elders. These streetchildren who roam the streets of Balanga City are definitely not from Balanga. Likewise with the elders. Even the begging Aetas are not from Balanga. They are from the mountains of Zambales.

Get my point? They are not from Balanga and Balangueños are willing to put them into the institution for FREE and yet, they choose to beg and live in the beautiful plaza of Balanga. I love the poor but being poor is no excuse to do those things. In the same way that being rich is no excuse to be anti-poor. The poor creates a wider gap with the rich because they feel that the rich owes them sympathy. The rich has sympathy. It is not fair to think that all rich men are power-hungry and merciless. Why, even the poor can be power-hungry and merciless.

I want to keep Balanga City clean. I want to keep it simple. I want its people to unite. Let no outsiders pollute our city. It is our city. Who will have concern over this beautiful small city but only a true-blooded Balangueño or Balangueña? Don't take Balanga City for granted. Set aside politicking. Set aside other things. Yes, progress has its two faces: the plight of the urban poor and modernization. Who would like to beg in a poverty-stricken place? Nobody. The rise of the beggars, streetchildren and snatchers mean one thing; we are heading towards industrialization. It is good to filter the bad elements as we proceed to industrialization. After all, we can make it if we will just unite. Viva Balanga City!