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Felipe's---Slow Service! [Nov. 2nd, 2006|05:29 am]
Pearl Of Central Luzon


If you want to waste your time or kill your time while waiting for your order, then go to Felipe's! It's located just across the Crown Royale Hotel in Capitol Drive, Balanga City.

Here's what happened last night:

9:30--Bf and I arrived in Felipe's for late dinner. I've been to Felipe's once and the service was okay considering that it was full of customers at that time. Last night, there were only a few of us inside.

9:40--Waiter approached us and took our order. After ten minutes, he told us that grilled squid was not available so we changed our order to pinutok na tilapia.

10:00---Waiter approached us again and told us that mango shake was not available. So, I changed my order to Coke in can while bf ordered orange juice. In less than three minutes, the waiter arrived with my Coke sans the orange juice.

We waited until 10:20 to get our order: pinutok na tilapia, grilled liempo and sweet and sour pork. Does it mean that it takes 40 minutes for them to process their customer's order?

10:35---Bf saw his order (orange juice)on the food counter but the waiter seemed to forget that we had pending order. Bf called the attention of another waiter for his orange juice.

Other Observations:

1. As far as know, pinutok na tilapia has tomato and onion fillings. The one that they served last night was just grilled tilapia. Tilapia is St. Peter's fish, just in case you're not aware.
2. Spoon and fork and plates should be arranged on the table first. There must be a separate plate for the rice serving.
3. They should be time-concious of their customer's order.

Note: I am not against the management of Felipe's.