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Local Colleges [Oct. 11th, 2006|04:59 am]
Pearl Of Central Luzon


My doting parents oppose to my idea of sending my youngest brother to Manila for his college education. Being the baby of the family, he seems incapable of managing himself to living alone. We have a 14-year age gap and his way of life as a teenager is much different to what my other brother and I experienced before.

When I was still a graduating high school student in Tomas Del Rosario College, I cried a river when my parents told me that they could not afford to send me to a good school in Manila. I fought for my belief that yes, they would be hard-up for four years but four years was reasonable to invest in my education as a promising young professional. It was indeed a great surprise one December noon in 1993 when my mother told me that I would be studying not in Manila but in Baguio City.The rest is history.

I don't question the quality of education that our local schools in Bataan offer. After all, there are a number of graduates from our local schools who are doing well in their respective careers.I hope that our local schools will shine on a national or even regional level. Yes, it's more practical to send our students in a local school if the quality of education is comparable to what the top schools in Metro Manila offer. Yes, Metro Manila is already a heavily populated area that is why we need to build more good schools in the countryside.