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Kidnapping---Whether A Hoax Or Not, Be Careful! - Pearl of Central Luzon [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Kidnapping---Whether A Hoax Or Not, Be Careful! [Mar. 14th, 2006|12:40 pm]
Pearl Of Central Luzon


Public and private schools were alarmed by the DECS advisory about securing the safety of our students. There has been a rumor about a kidnapping syndicate roaming around the province. Their main target are young gradeschool students.

If they're up for kidnap-for-ransom, the syndicate won't get poor kids so Bataenos speculate that the culprits are getting the kids for white slavery or something else. Some say that the kidnappers are member of a Satanist group and they're preparing for their big event come June 06, 2006--06/06/06--wow, the devil's number, huh! So,they'll gonna use the kids for their satanic ceremonies. That's creepy!

I think that as a citizen, we are also responsible for our own safety. (That's the reason why I hate going home late!) If we, as adults, are prone to being the victim of any bad elements around, think about the kids who are helpless and physically weak to defend theirselves. Whether this kidnapping issue is a hoax or not, we should be more protective of our kids.