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F Spa [Mar. 13th, 2006|06:36 pm]
Pearl Of Central Luzon


This is not meant to ruin the management of F Spa located at the corner of Poblacion Street and Ibayo.
Besides eating, Balanga folks are becoming more fascinated with anything related to beautifying.
When I'm in Balanga, I get my hair done in Freda's parlor in Balanga Arcade. Since I seldom go home to my hometown, the people there are not familiar of me. Whenever they ask for my name and address, I give them a different name and address. I have learned how to value my privacy as a customer.

Freda's parlor is not the issue. Just three weeks ago, I had my skin check up with Dr. Jocelyn Pizarro in Ibayo. I was planning to have a facial on the 2nd floor of her building but I was hindered by the number of customers in queue. I hate to wait for two hours and then spend another hour just for a facial when I can get my face done somewhere else.

So, I remembered F Salon and Spa. I walked from Dr. Pizarro's clinic to F Salon and Spa. Since I was not familiar with the place, I was forcing to open the other door. This attendant laughed at me but I just ignored her. She made a hand sign for me to re-route on the other door.

Okay, so I was inside the spa and salon. I was directed to a small room for my facial. Goodness! There was no privacy! I would have to share a room with someone else! It's not actually the main issue. While I was being done by the attendant, the other attendants were watching us! Give me my privacy, okay!

So, the attendant who laughed at me earlier entered the room and "insulted" my "blemished face." I am not offensive by nature but I know when to pull my trigger. I commented on her "flawless face" and she left with a red face.

The two attendants at the facial room were exchanging gossips about the other attendants. What a big turn off! If they could do it to their co-workers, how much more to a customer like me!

Paging F Salon and Spa management: Train your employees about Customer Service and Teambuilding.