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Balanga City--Is It Still Safe? [Sep. 3rd, 2005|02:27 pm]
Pearl Of Central Luzon


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Is it still safe to wander in the streets of Balanga City?
According to local residents, hold-up and snatching are getting

"Blame it on the poorly lit streets," an old man said.

"Since people from the other provinces moved in our city, our city became less-secured!"an old woman added.

Could it be the flight of local immigrants that put Balanga City on its less-secured position? Ten years ago, neighbors know each other. The barangay captain knows each resident within his area. Life was hard to some Balanga residents but there were lower incidents of theft, robbery, hold-up and snatching.

Of course, there were also some exceptions like the celebrated hold-up case of Madam Agripina Banzon sometime in the early '90s. It happened inside the Eucharistic Chapel. You could just imagine how heartless and fearless her perpetrators were! It was also in the '90s when the gold chalice was stolen inside the Eucharistic Chapel. What made me more upset was the FACT that the Municipal Hall was just a stone's throw away from the chapel!

Balanga folks must learn to cooperate with each other. In times of crime and crisis, walang mayaman at walang mahirap!